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Joining an online forum is a really helpful outlet for anyone going through infertility or considering adoption.  There were so many questions I had going through the process and I wish I had been able to go online and just ask my questions.  Anything from practical tips to discussing how to get through the next two weeks.  You can use an anonymous name and/or you can just read other people’s posts to see what others are dealing with.  Sometimes knowing you are not alone can help you deal with your feelings. 

For adoption I recommend: www.adoption.com 

And for infertility: www.resolve.org

Both have a variety of different categories you can follow depending on your situation. 



  1. I have been unable to get your http://www.resolve.com link to work. Have others have a similar issue? Even when I type it into the browser I am unable to get it to work. Thanks.

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