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The Truth about Trying Tuesday: How many Babies are we Talking About

I like numbers.  I like to be able to calculate odds and help predict outcomes (I also have control issues!)  When my sons’ were born premature I wanted to know how worried I should be based on the different diagnosis’ they received.  I wished there was a universal worry scale like the pain scale they use at the hospital, the one with the smiley face at one end and an angry face with astrix at the other.  Maybe after an embryo transfer your doctor could tell you, “If I were you I would be worried at a level 8 that it’s not going to work.”  After a while everyone would know what a level 8 worry was and we could compare it with others on a universal scale.

The statistics I provide on Tuesdays are just to help put things in perspective and hopefully clear some misunderstandings.  There were times in my journey I wanted to throw statistics out the window so feel free to do the same here if what you read makes things seemingly worse at any time.

Statistic number one:

The number of babies born in the United States in 2009 (according to the CDC)?


The number of people facing infertility in 2011 (according to RESOLVE)?


The number of babies most women facing infertility want to have in 2012?



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