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Snow Day!

At 6:15 yesterday morning we got an automated phone call from the school superintendent telling us school would have a 2-hour late start due to the snow/ice.  The kids were quite excited!  It was heavy wet snow so I debated whether we should go out and play (and get their stuff all wet for the rest of the day) or stay inside and watch a movie.  We had to go out.  The kids made a snow fort and I made a sledding run on the side of the house.  After about an hour we all came in had hot cocoa and watched a movie, then it was time to put them on the bus (with somewhat wet gear, oh well).  It’s kind of neat to have a snow day on a Leap Day.  Hopefully they will have good memories of this day.


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  1. I learned in college to ALWAYS take the time to play in the snow. They may miss the chance altogether!

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