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He’s Lookin’ at Me!

You’re familiar with the back seat game of “Mommmm! Johnny’s lookin’ at me!” (sometimes played in conjunction with, “Mommmm! Johnny’s touching me!”).  Loads of fun for everyone involved.  Anyway this weekend it occurred to me that there are different kinds of attention.  Having your brother stare at you just to annoy you is bad attention.  Standing on stage singing for American Idol and you pretty much want everyone looking at you.

There will be times when you over hear siblings say, “What-r-you lookin’ at?” (always answered with kind words.) And there may be times your child is silently screaming “Look at Me!” (blue spikey hair will tip you off on that one.)

Lexi had her first church choir performance and she said, “I was so nervous, everyone was looking at me!”  There happens to be about 90 other kids that were singing with her so the chances of the whole congregation being focused solely on her is pretty slim (I know I pretty much watch my own kid during performances.)  I thought it was cute that she thought everyone would be eyes on her.  But see this is good attention.

Until I figure out what looks who needs when I’m going to work on perfecting “THE LOOK” oh yeah, every parent has one, and when used in the back seat games with your children can usually prevent the game of “If you do that one more time I’m going to pull over!”



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