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Spring Birthday

It’s been Callie’s birthday 23 days in a row (according to her).  Her birthday isn’t until April but she has been on a birthday kick.  At dinner, each kid shares about their day and each day Callie announces it was her birthday today.  Obviously it will be really fun when it actually is her birthday this year.

Someone else we know is celebrating a special birthday today…HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE!  Charlie is a close family friend that is like a thrid grandpa to our kids (this is not a photo of him).

Callie was talking about visiting Charlie last week and how she wanted to go stay at the hotel and go to the dolphin pool and visit Charlie…”Meatball Charlie” (apparently Meatball Charlie is a cartoon character from one of the highly educational shows they watch.)  Not sure that’s a nickname he’ll want to have stick.  Maybe we will get to visit over spring break (only if we rent a 15-passenger van.)



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