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The Truth about Trying Tuesdays: Open Adoption

Note:  Miracle Monday for this week will be posted later in the week.

This is a small study but offers some statistics on Open Adoption:

A study by Grotevant and McRoy, published in 1998, reported that 72 percent of adoptive parents were satisfied with their birth mothers and nearly all but one birth mother in the study were satisfied with their contact with the adoptive parents. Further study reported two-thirds of agencies grew to endorse open adoption practices in less than a decade.

I know the prospect, the idea, of an open adoption scared me in the beginning.  I think this statistic shows that people can usually work through this unique type of relationship.  As any relationship there may be bumps and things that need to be worked through but for the most part this is a workable relationship, one that benefits the child.



  1. In a sample size of 1 (well, 8, if you count my husband and me, our two children and their four birthparents), I can tell you that openness in adoption is extremely satisfying. Openness is what will help our children integrate their biology and their biography.

    I think I read recently that there has been an update in that longitudinal study. But I can’t find a link at the moment…

    • Thank you for posting the updated info. I remember driving home from one of the pre-adoption meetnings thinking I could never “share” my child with a birthmom. Then I read more and more about open adoption and how it is so beneficial to the child and I began to understand. Thank you for your advocacy for open adoption!

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