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11 Kids with Snowballs

Yesterday it sounded like a good idea to take everyone outside to get some fresh air, run off some steam, not have to worry about anything getting broken…In addition to the 3 extra kids I was babysitting, Joey had two of his friends over bringing the grand total to 11 people I was supposed to be keeping alive (although Joey and his friends are pretty self-sufficient, except when they get bored…or hungry…or well, they’re teenagers, you get it.)

It was nice out and the snow was all melty so I told the little ones we would be making dinosaur eggs out of snow and putting them in a big giant nest. The older kids joined-in but they were just making snow balls. Clever idea, however I think it is humanly impossible to make a ball out of snow without eventually throwing one…or two…at your sister (or sisters).

I saw what was brewing and knew an all-out snowball war was about to take place so I hurridly convinced everyone it was time to go in for snack. There were a few snowballs that exchanged hands but I got everyone in before anyone got an iceball to the head (you know that’s how snowball fights always end.)

As of this writing there are 5, yes only 5, children in my immediate care. My babysitting gig is up (the boys got picked up tonight safe and sound) and Joey is at a friends. This is a piece of cake!



  1. Just the title of your blog made me want to duck.

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