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While you Wait Wednesdays: Baby Hour

I have posted before about how important I think it is to manage your emotions during this trying time of waiting for a baby. One of the techniques I recommend is to choose one day a week (I recommend Wednesdays) to postpone all your worries, concerns, questions, discussions with your spouse, to one day a week. This gives you the opportunity to manage your emotions. It is also a huge help for your marriage in that you and your spouse know there is a designated time to talk and your husband won’t have to worry about who he will meet when he gets home each night (sobbing infertile woman, or Hey do you want to get some Sushi). If you see a pregnant woman with three kids in her cart at the store on Monday and you want to just let loose when you get home, you can acknowledge how that makes you feel and then give yourself permission to feel bad about it but you will have to wait until Wednesday to break down crying about it. By Wednesday you won’t feel as bad and you will have a better perspective.

In the same way you can postpone your concerns and deal with them in a more structured way one day a week, you can build in a Baby Hour during the week when you allow yourself to BELIEVE, really BELIEVE that a baby (or another baby) is in your future. Serf the net for baby names, pick out nursery items, talk with your husband or wife about what it will be like when your little one walks across your living room floor. Choose one hour and fuel the hope.

Try it this week. Let me know how it goes!



  1. This is a great suggestion, I will give it a a go. I’m having one of those crazy infertile woman weeks… happy and energetic on Sunday, sad and teary on Monday, angry and hating the world on Tuesday, irritated and annoyed with everyone on Wednesday, today…I need a big glass of red wine! Let’s hope hubby is up for discussing how we both feel.

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