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The Thursday Thinker: Fortune Teller

If you could see into the future and found out that yes, you would become a parent (or have another baby) but it would take two full years from today how would you feel?



  1. I would feel relieved and ecstatic… I would be able to breath again! To know that it would definitely happen would would be such a welcome relief. I find not knowing whether I will be a mom or not very, very hard. It fills me with fear, anxiety, stress and heartache. I would rather wait two years and know that it will happen, than to go through two years of treatment without any guarantee.

  2. The uncertainty. That is what makes infertility so difficult. Similar to maybe going thorugh cancer, if you knew you would be healed and would not go into remission, it would be easier to go through treatment.

    I remember the uncertainty was so hard to deal with. Especially the possibility that it would never happen!

    I agree with your post!

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