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Birthday Bartering

Josh John Birthday 11 002Johnny and Josh’s Birthdays were last week. They both turned 11. To celebrate their birthdays we gave them two options. Behind Door #1 was a Birthday Party in which they could invite two of their closest friends, behind Door #2…CASH. Last year they both opted for the Cash settlement (of course we had a family party with cake and ice cream and the grandparents took them to the Old Country Buffet).

Josh John Birthday 11 003This year they both wanted a party (separate parties of course!).  So Josh and his buddy went to Snuffy’s for Burgers and shakes and Johnny had his buddies over for a sleepover and non-stop computer games.  Both went fine and required little planning and/or intervention from me.  As it turns out they also got gifts from their friends including CASH so I think they made out in the end and gifts continue to trickle in from the relatives.

I’m very grateful for our family that makes sure each one of our kids feels very special, especially on their birthdays.


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