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Hippos and Jesus

There weren't any stock photos of Jesus with a bunch of hippos.

There weren’t any stock photos of Jesus with a bunch of hippos.

I swear I don’t make this stuff up…we are eating lunch and talking about the Little People Zoo. The one that has an animal representing each letter of the alphabet. (For those of you who have this, what the heck kind of ram/goat starts with the letter “U”, Cassie showed me and sure enough it looks like a ram but has the letter “U” printed on it…now she thinks “goat” starts with “U”.)

Anyway, Cassie broke into song making the “H” sound “H…H…H…Hippo, hippo starts with H” I assumed it was some cute song from preschool. As the song went on there were some more descriptive words about Hippos followed by “’cause Jesus is so strong.”

In the nearly 14 years of parenting this would be the first time I have heard a song including both Hippos and Jesus. Of cousre there is the possability that two or more songs were combined in her four-year-old rendition or this might just be one of the perks of a Christian preschool!


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