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The Thursday Thinker: Foster-Adopt

What do you know about adopting foster kids? Have you considered it as an option for building your family? Do you have a program in your county that is specifically for couples that are interested in eventually adopting a baby from the foster care system? What are your concerns with foster adoption?



  1. Hi – we have foster-adopted (fostered 5 children total, adopted 2 of them). I don’t have time right now to answer your questions, but you can read more on my blog. But I will say one thing – while it is a “free” road to adopting a child financial speaking, it is very expensive emotionally, which is something you have to be prepared for before you make the decision to foster-adopt. But we are so thankful we did, because now we are parents to two beautiful, smart, well-adjusted children!!

  2. So I have worked up a couple posts (and have a couple more in mind) in response to your blog post. I hope you find them helpful. If nothing else, they are therapy for me and allow me to think through things as we are at a decision making crossroads ourselves. Here are links to the first two posts/thoughts:


    I will try to cover a few more thoughts over the next several days if I can do it without being too negative. If I feel it is, I’ll probably take a couple weeks to do it so I can put plenty of positive (even if it is regarding other parts of life) also.

    Just one person’s (possibly emotionally charged) thoughts…

    • Thank you for your response. It is so nice to hear an honest response from someone who has expereince with the foster care system. I know when we were considering all our options for building our family my biggest concern with foster adoption was the chance that we would foster a baby and knowingly allow him/her to return to an unhealthy situation. I know reunification is the goal of the foster system and in many cases that is the best for all involved especially the children, but in other cases I feel parents get too many do-overs at the cost of their children. After reading your posts you seem to have a good perspecitive on what you are doing as a foster parent. Your last statement about how you encourage others to be foster parents even if the system is broken does make sense. Every loving adult these kids encounter can have an immeasurable affect on them even if they are in your care for a short time. Thank you again for sharing your story.

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