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What about the Men?

There are a few good articles out this week, before Father’s Day that addresses the toll that Infertility takes on men.  Here is a good one:




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    I read this article out load to my husband last night. We could identify with it in it’s entirety. So glad this is being written about and I pray it brings awareness to this often lonely and heartbreaking struggle.

  2. It’s a great article. Thank you for posting. As I’m going through preparations to presenting my documentary in front of funders and prepare for the forum on infertility to take place in September in NY, sometimes I get bugged down by the lack of response I get from general public, and its so important to remember that these are the very same reactions people struggling with infertility suffering from! Ps- I recall you graciously offered your support. If you still feel this way, I’d love to speak with you. You can find me at http://www.vodarfilms.com thank you again.

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