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Welcome to my New Website!

Cindy-Head-Shot-Dec-2013-008-Copy-e1395343265235“What do you write about?”  people ask.

“I write about becoming a mom and being a mom.” I answer.  I want to give hope and compassion to those who are struggling with infertility and loss, but I also want to provide light-hearted encouragement to those who are now moms.  I have decided to combine my two blogs (Barren to Bonkers! and Recipe for a Family) into one website where people can see both sides of infertility and post-adoption parenting.

This website is also home of Baby Blessers.  This is a group I have started to encourage others to pray for babies.  Next fall I will begin speaking for MOPS groups for Baby Blessers.  I share my Faith Story of how our fmaily came together and provide an opportunity for Moms to get involved with Baby Blessers by praying every morning for couples trying to have babies and babies in need.  If you are the leader of a MOPS group or know one, please pass on my info.  I would love to speak for your group!

I am excited with this new endeavor and hope you visit often to keep up with the Rasmussen’s!



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