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A Zip-lining, Fish-catching, Dodgballing Good Time

Last weekend we went to Family Camp.  “What is Family Camp? ” a  friend asked when I told her our Memorial Weekend plans.

“It’s like camping except we stay in a lodge (much like a hotel room with our own bathroom) and they cook all the meals for us (buffet style so we just show up, eat, and leave), and they have programs for the kids so Jerad and I can have a converstaion longer than ‘so I’ll pick her up from practice at 7’…so it’s not really like camping at all…it’s really fun.”

Every Memorial weekend we go up to my folk’s Church Camp for the weekend.  My mom and dad go and my brother and his family often make it but decided not to go this year.  We had the added bonus of Joey having a soccer tournament the same weekend so him and Jerad only stayed until Sat. afternoon.  More on that later.

Here were the highlights:

Zip-lining (me, Lexi and Josh)

Fishing(Cassie and Callie each caught a 7-inch Perch!)

Pontooning (my dad drove which makes it even more exciting)

Dodgeball (Jerad was gone so I felt the need to fill-in as most dad’s were playing)

Campfire (we all went and had a beautiful night WITHOUT any mosquitos)

Carpetball Tournament (we made it through the first two rounds and then I blew it…too much pressure)

Variety Show (“Sing Heart and Soul with me Mom!” “Um…no.” Johnny sang and played Heart and Soul in the variety show…he did really well.)

Mom’s Circle (I got to share my family building story with a group of women.  Love how God seems to use my story to touch someone everytime I share it.  I will be presenting a workshop at the Fall Women’s Conference at Camp Lebanon so I am excited for that.)

Really Good Food that I didn’t have to shop for, prepare, or clean-up after (did I already mention that)

The weekend was a real blessing…HOWEVER…of course there always seems to be something that goes wrong and there was.

One of our fammily traditions is that right before summer one of our kids likes to break something…a leg, an arm…you name it…so this year it must have been Joey’s turn.  At his soccer tournament on Sunday he got taken down and landed on his arm, breaking his humerus (the upper arm).  Jerad took him to the E.R., got him x-rayed etc.  I was 2-hours away at camp, wishing I could be with my boy.  The folks at camp were so great and offered to help watch the other 5 kids if I wanted to drive back to the Cities, especially if he had to have surgery.  It turned out no surgery was needed and Jerad assured me everything was fine.  He sent me a picture over my phone (thank you technology) and I felt a little more relieved.  But it is hard for a mom to not be there.

Now we are processing what this means for the summer.  He is done with soccer for the season, has a mission trip to Colorado in a couple weeks (mountain biking with one arm anyone?) and his summer job (refereeing) is on hold for awhile.  He is taking it all in stride, being a good example for me (I’m still bummed out I missed summer camp when I was eight becasue I got the chicken pox.)

So an eventful weekend was had by all, a memorable Memorial Day.




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