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“Wisdom, Wisdom,Get your Wisdom Here”

"Wisdom, Wisdom, Get your Wisdom Here!"

“Wisdom, Wisdom, Get your Wisdom Here!”

Can you imagine the vendors at a ball game, walking the aisles of the stadium, proclaiming not the dire need to purchase a Frosty Malt, but a hand-full of wisdom?  That is what it was like at the Write-to-Publish Conference I attended last week in Wheaton, Il.

This was a four day conference for Christian Writers that provided classes, critiques, and one-on-one appointments with editors and agents.  It was amazing!  I learned more in those four uninterrupted days than I have learned all year.  It is all about learning directly from the people currently in the industry.

As a writer I want to help people.  I want to show people compassion and empathy.  I want to learn how to do this best through the written, and spoken, word.  So this conference wasn’t just about how to get more followers on your blog and how to find the right editor.  It was about finding a way to really connect with the reader and letting you writing be the conduit for change.

(Did I also mention the conference was about getting out of Bonkerland, eating really good food, and meeting other amazing writers?  Yeah, that too!)

Using some of the wisdom I had gained early in the conference I made my pitch to several editors, some for my book, others for magazine articles.  I am excited to say that there were three editors that requested my book proposal/manuscript and several magazine editors that want to see my articles.  I was so pleased with these results from all the writing I’ve been doing this past year.

I am so fired-up about writing and speaking and I know I must find a way to sustain this instead of allowing the all too common “post-confernce high” to dissipate as soon as “life” starts to settle in (which started the moment I returned!).

When was the last time you were really fired-up about a project, goal, job?  What are you really excited about now?  If you can’t think of anything take a minute today to brainstorm some ideas.  Start with one thing you would like to accomplish this summer.  What is it?


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