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Barren to Bonkers: The Dog Years

Barren to Bonkers: The Dog Years

Introducing the newest memeber of the Rasmussen family:

Our new puppy, Tango!

Our new puppy, Tango!

We brought home a new puppy last Friday. He is a 12 week old Labradoodle!

I have found there are two camps of people, those who say, “Oh my gosh what are you thinking!” and those who say, “Ohhhh, that is so great, a new puppy!”

Yeah, I get it. I know it is a bit crazy to add one more member (furry or otherwise) to our already bonkers household, but there is also some order that it is bringing. Because he has to be on a strict schedule (or I pay the messy price) I have been more aware of where all my time goes. After reading all the Puppy training books I have found that, man alive, I understand some of the errors in my ways in raising my kids. After the second night of crate training the puppy I realized my kids are not “crate trained”. What the heck! The bedtime routine starts at 7:30 and ends somewhere around 9:00 with the kids coming out of their “crate” all the time! (Note to Social Services: we don’t actually have our kid in crates; it is just a metaphor for their rooms, which apparently should have a swinging door on them because they are in and out so much.) I always thought I towed-the-line, but I’m a softy!!

So as I’m training the puppy I am hoping some of the new techniques will also rub off on the humans.

Quick cute story. Callie plunked down next to the puppy’s crate and started to read to him.  A short while later the dog fell sound asleep.  She came out of the room and said, “Mom, this is a good book to read to a dog if you want him to fall asleep.” Very cute.

The kids are very excited and I am too. Jerad is even on board.

After much debate and discussion we decided to name him “Tango”.  So stay tuned for even more adventures at the Rasmussen house!IMG_0477IMG_0476



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