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“How’s it Going with the New Puppy?”
Our new puppy, Tango!

“How’s it Going with the New Puppy?”

Our new puppy, Tango!Remember in the 10th grade when your English teacher had you write a descriptive essay? She emphasized how you want to draw your reader in by writing about all five senses. Here’s my descriptive essay about our drive to the cabin for the 4th of July…with the new puppy.

The sun shone bright through the windshield like a beam of brilliant light. The brake lights of the camper in front of us flashed off and on like a warning light, perhaps a warning of the next hour two hours ahead. We inched along, making short bursts of progress as the rest of suburbia fled to the great “Up North”. The children, all excited about the impeding trip, looked out their windows, taking in the scenic views of the traffic bound cars next to us, the Home Depot, and the billboard for $.59 Pop Stop, “Mom, we need to stop for some pop, now mom!” The sweet girls in the back seat, although disappointed that the DVD player broke mid-trip, found it quite easy to find other ways to entertain themselves by reaching over and grabbing each other’s shirts, and repeatedly snatching toys from one another followed by yelling, “Mommmmmm! She won’t give me my stuffed bunny!” over and over again.

My ears perked up as I heard an unfamiliar sound, a gagging sound. My ears then heard, “Mommmmm, the dog threw-up!” As these words were spoken, my nose filled with the scent of soggy, predigested dog food. Our cute new puppy threw-up all over his blanket. After I pulled over and swapped out a clean blanket, we repeated the above scene two…three…four times. Each time with much animation from the children tending the puppy.

We arrived at our destination much later than anticipated. But not only was our trunk full of dog-barf blankets, our hearts were full of love for one another for having shared this bonding experience together, as a family!

(Ok, so that last line is a load of bunk. A barfing dog, no matter how cute, is a barfing dog. I had read the chapter about “Traveling with your new Pup” so I prepared. I didn’t feed him anything for five hours before we left, however, two family members, which shall remain unnamed, thought it would be fun to feed the puppy while I had them “watch” him when I packed the van. I did not know this had happened.)

Overall, the new puppy has been a very positive experience. He did very well at the cabin and the kids love playing with him. Jerad and I really like having him too, for real. So no regrets, just more stories and I’m hoping my learning curve improves!



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