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Dog Needs vs. Kid Needs

Dog Needs vs. Kid Needs

kid with dog4 Basic needs of a dog:

1. Feed me

2. Let me out to “whiz or poo” (the dog trainers vocabulary I’m learning)

3. Take me for a walk

4. Show me some love (pet me, rub my tummy, play with me)


4 Basic needs of a kid:

1.  Feed me, but not that vegetarian lasagna you made the other night, I want Snuffy’s!

2.  Clean my bathroom (oh wait, they really don’t care about the condition of their bathroom at all, I do).

3.  Take me to soccer practice, swimming lessons, park program, soccer camp, the YMCA, the beach, “Jake’s” house, the movies, the water park, Big Thrill Factory…

4. Show me some love (“We need a swimming pool.”, “Can we play Minecraft for 4 hours?”, “Can we go to Cherry Berry?”)  and hugs!




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