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Life Skills for 1st Graders

Life Skills for 1st Graders

Yeah, we all know the importance of reading, writing, and arithmatic (and apparently coding-new to our curriculum this year) but what about the important life skills that every child needs to learn before graduating, ready to face the rigors of college (or vocational school, or a job, or whatever it takes for the child to be able to support themselves and not live in my basement).

I am pleased to share that our school district is also providing those much needed skills. Cassie and Callie both were exuberant to share two key life skills they learned in first grade:

shoes together1. Don’t tie your shoes together…you could fall

2. Don’t pull your arms¬†out of your sleeves…you could fall (you know how you slide your arms out of your sleeves and wander around making it look like you have no arms…yeah, that…very dangerous)

There was a visual demonstration that went along with this.

Life lessons being learned daily.


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