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To Market We Go

Anyone else’s fridge empty after the long MEA weekend? I’m off to the market (doesn’t that sound easy?). I loved this video becasue we do have sooooo many choices. But, before we even get to deciding whether we want the gluten-free organic seed crackers we have to decide which of the eight local “markets” we want to go to (or should we shop them all based on what’s on sale, what coupons we have, and how many points we have saved up on our Super Shopper cards.)

I’m off to my regular rounds of Super Target, Aldi, and the Thrift Bakery (where last week I scored a dozen M&M cookies for $1.99…and I hid them in my closet…and made them last a whole week!)

Do you shop around or are you in a commmitted relationship with your grocery store?


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