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How was your Sugar-High Weekend?

How was your Sugar-High Weekend?

ecard candyI’m sure teachers love having Halloween on a Friday, that way they don’t have to deal with the  sugar hangover the next day…instead, we do. Were your kids bouncing off the walls all weekend? A couple of our kids have a strong averse effect upon eating sweets, others it has little effect. So we have to monitor their candy intake. One year we just let them “have at it” to get it over with…that didn’t go well. This year I have it all stashed in my closet (the aforemetnioned children that crave candy more than the average Joe are often found rummaging through the kitchen in the middle of the night…”Ah, I was, ah, looking for a cup…I’m really thirsty.”) I imagine we will give out candy this week, here and there, and then the rest will be donated (the orthodontist took it one year). There will, of course, be the mother of the house who will pick out the Twizzlers, Milky Way, and M & M’s for mid-morning breaks. How do you handle Halloween candy distributions at your house?

Text-Your-Teen-at-TenSend your teen a fun text at 10:00am every morning! Today’s Text: “Have you eaten all your Halloween candy?”




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