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How to Install an In-Ground Fence in Four Easy Steps

How to Install an In-Ground Fence in Four Easy Steps

Tango (our dog) ate Australia. Not the whole country, but the nice (i.e. expensive)Lakeshore Learning Store laminated map that we had posted to the wall (it was a world map and now is missing a whole continent).

“Big dogs need lots of exercise or they will resort to destructive behaviors.” Thanks Cesar.

The daily walks a couple times a day apprently weren’t cutting it, so I decided to get one of those in-ground fence systems. Did you know you could call someone and they will come out and install the fence and help you train your dog?

I knew that too, however, did you also know that sometimes couples don’t agree on how to best use the financial resources in the family? Yes, me too!

So I bought a do-it-yourself in-ground fence system and just wanted to share the Four Easy Steps for installation incase you, or a loved one, some day decides to make this compromise:

According to the box with the smiley dog-owner, here are the four steps:

Step 1. Plan your layout.

Step 2. Install your system.

Step 3. Place the collar on your pet correctly.

Step 4. Train your pet.

Here’s how it went for me:

Step 1 Go outside to plan your layout, leave the directions on the counter, come back and find your dog has eaten pages 5-9.







Dog Fence 2Step 2 What?!?








Dog Fence 3Step 3  Wait until the first weekend in November, when the ground is almost frozen, and then dig a 500 ft. trench around the perimeter of your yard (wear the biggest sweats you have).







Dog Fence 4Step 4 What?!?








Step 5 (in the four step process) Two days later, put the collar on your dog correctly.

Step 6 Train your pet. Right, so remember how I’ve waited until November to do this…it snowed. So now we I will be training our good ol’ pup in the snow. “Train your pet in two weeks” which when you read the directions (pages 12-18 that didn’t get eaten) includes 3 training sessions a day for 10-15 minutes each, working your way up to hour-long off leash trainings. Maybe Australia isn’t all that important in the scope of things.

Step 7 Remove your ad from Craigslist:

“Free Labradoodle to good home.”




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