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Tip of the Day: The Morning Marathon

Tip of the Day: The Morning Marathon

Marathons are often divided into groups, or running divisions, with each having a different start time. The Boston Marathon has the following divisions:

Mobility Impaired: 8:50
Wheelchairs: 9:17
Handcycles: 9:22
Elite Women: 9:32
Elite Men plus Wave 1: 10:00
Wave 2: 10:25
Wave 3: 11:00
Wave 4: 11:25

We run our mornings quite the same. We tried “Complete Chaos Free-for-all” mornings for awhile and that wasn’t working for me, so now we stagger everyones “start time”. Here are our divisions:

Dads that have experienced the morning at our house and decide it is much better to go to work early: up by 6:00, out the door by 6:30

Kids that have to get to High School: up by 6:15, kitchen 6:30, out the door 7:15

Moms that want to sleep-in but know that if they don’t get up, the dog will bark incessantly and wake everyone else up, ruining the delicate balance of the morning routine: up by 6:30, on duty until 9:00pm

Dogs that can sense the exact moment mom steps out of bed, not Dad, not Joey, but when Mom gets up he knows (and barks): up when mom gets up, 6:45 steal Joey’s shoe, 7:15 run downstairs when someone leaves the door open (again) have Mom chase him so he doesn’t pee on the carpet, 7:30 steal the kitchen towel have the kids chase him, 7:45 sit on the couch until Mom yells “Off!”…

Kids that go to the Elementary School and are very good at getting ready but put no value in brushing hair: up by 7:15, breakfast 7:30, out the door by 8:20

Kids that go to the Middle School that are extroverted ADHD’ers who, becasue they have not talked for the last 10 hours (becasue they were sleeping), feel the need to share with the world, out loud, every single thought that goes through their head: up by 7:30, breakfast at 7:45, out the door by 8:50

See, it’s just that simple!

Sometimes our dreams:

Mom: “Good MorninMickey Mouse pancakesg children, I’ve made Mickey Mouse pancakes again.”

Kid: ” Oh, good morning Mother, thank you, these look deliscious. Good morning brother, good morning sister, could you please pass the syrup.”

are different than our realities:

Mom: “You forgot to unload the dishwasher again, now I have nothing to put your cereal in!”

Kid 1: “That was his job.”

Kid 2:”Was not!”

Kid 1:”Was too!”

Kid 2:”Was not!”…


At 10:00 today, send a quick text to your teen/preteen, just to let them know you care.

Today’s Text: What’s one thing you would add to your school to make it better?

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