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Faith-n-Family Fridays: Christmas Traditions

Faith-n-Family Fridays: Christmas Traditions

playmobile nativityChristmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Sometimes I forget to emphasize that with my kids, especially the youngest ones. This will be only their 7th Christmas, and those first few years I’m pretty sure they don’t remember. So I want to make sure I am intentional about what traditions we are doing.

We have a nativity set (yes, it is the Playmobile version and Spiderman, dinosaurs and Pet Shop Dogs often are a part of it) and we read the Christmas story. We also decide to do one project as a family to bless someone else. One year we made cookies for neighbors, one year we did the Operation Christmas Child boxes. We will go to the Christmas Eve service at church. But we kind of just have an ongoing discussion, about baby Jesus being born and what that means, throughout the month of December.

I think our kids get it. I think they also understand as a country we celebrate Christmas by buying gifts for each other, putting up Christmas trees, watching Christmas movies and counting down the days until Santa comes. That is a part of Christmas too and I don’t have a problem combining the traditions. I think our kids understand the differences these days.

I love this time of year. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I am excited for the next couple of weeks as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the spirit of giving.

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