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Back to the Ol’ Routine

Back to the Ol’ Routine

2015 calendarSo the kids go back to school today. I have to say it was really nice to be able to sleep in a little and not rush to get the kids here, there and everywhere, and I don’t think we used the word “homework” once (although it was encouraged at the beginning of break). But there is a certain flow that goes with the school day that will be nice to get back to. Everyone going off to do their own thing and then coming together for dinner to share. Ours was not a typical break due to our loss but getting back to the ol’ routine I think will be good for the kids. And I must admit it will be nice to have a bit of a break to catch my breath. I am tired. Although much of my blog highlights the funny stuff our kids do, it is really hard at times too. So I am looking at this week as a catch-up before I jump into my 2015 plan. I have a couple new writing projects I have been working on (stay tuned!) and I am going to be substitute teaching PT beginning later this month.

Writing, teaching, mothering, napping…I’m excited for it all!

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