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Flu Bug 7, Rasmussen’s 1

Flu Bug 7, Rasmussen’s 1

stomach fluSo the stomach flu kicked our butts the last two weeks. Funny how that coincides with my decision to go back to work! (Not laughing.) I knew there would be some scenarios I would need to plan for if I was working, like if someone was sick would my husband or I stay home with them? For the most part our kids miss very little school so I thought I would just call in and let them know I couldn’t teach and all would be well. Well here is the list of questions I apparently should have been prepared for:

What if the kids get sick, who will stay home with them?

What if they are sick for more than one day?

What if you have six kids and each kid gets sick two days apart for two weeks straight?

What if your sitter gets sick (probably from watching your kids, argh!), what is the back-up plan?

What if your back-up plan is you, and you are sick?

What if you’re sick but have already stayed home with sick kids for two weeks?

What if you are jealous of your husband becasue he was the only one NOT to get sick?

As it turned out I did not have to miss any work from all their (my) sick days. My husband stayed home a couple days and a couple of the other sick days landed on days I wasn’t scheduled. I know this may seem a bit trivial especially for the folks that have both parents working outside the home for years. They just make it work. I know. But I was so hoping for an easier transition back to work.

I heard strep is going around…

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