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About Barren to Bonkers

About Barren to Bonkers
Barren to Bonkers A Mid-Morning Mommy Break

Slide_two_990x550“Barren to Bonkers” is a humorous blog about our life after infertility.  Over 9 years we “gathered” our family members and now are traipsing through life together.  After our first son was born very premature (at 27 weeks) we had multiple losses.  After it was all said and done our family is now:

Cindy (me): former elementary teacher, now stay-at-home mom and author/speaker

Jerad (my husband): finance guy

Joey (15): biological son, born premature at 27 weeks

Johnny (12): son became a part of our family through adoption from Ukraine at age one-and-a-half, adopted “twin” to Josh (we adopted them at the same time, they have the same B-day, they are not biologically related)

Josh (12): son  became a part of our family through adoption from Ukraine at age one-and-a-half,  adopted “twin” to Johnny (we adopted them at the same time, they have the same B-day, they are not biologically related)

Lexi (10): daughter became a part of our family through adoption at birth, domestic open adoption

Cassie (6): biological daughter (twin), born at 26 weeks, carried by a gestational carrier (IVF Surrogate)

Callie (6): biological daughter (twin), born at 26 weeks, carried by a gestational carrier (IVF Surrogate)

The quick timeline was we got married, had Joey 9 months later (3 months premature), had two more babies that passed away, worked with a surrogate, had two more losses, then adopted Josh and Johnny from Ukraine.  Two months later we adopted Lexi (Open adoption from Minnesota)!  So we went from 1 to 4 kids in 3 months, all under the age of 5.  Then we waited another 4 1/2 years and Cassie and Callie were born via IVF and a surrogate, also born 3 months premature!  (Our Mother’s Day is complicated!)  What a wild journey.  I hope you enjoy reading about how we are all learning to live a good life together!


Appropriately Labeled

Cassie found a little sticker at the soccer game, the size of a Chaquita banana sticker.  She decided to pull up her shirt and stick it over her belly button.  When she came to show me I saw it was from an orange and appropriately said, NAVEL! -Cindy Read More »

First Day of Preschool

They’ve been ready to go for weeks and today was the day!  The girls’ first day back at Preschool.  They were very excited, especially since they were first for the honor of Snack Girls.  Of course I had everything planned out, two cute jumpers for the girls to wear, I was going to put Callie’s hair in pig tails, Cassie’s in a cute ... Read More »

Fill Her Up!

Technology is so great, isn’t it?  Our community center got a face-lift a few years back and has lots of neat new features (besides the splash pad with froggie slide).  Next to the drinking fountains there is a new state-of-the-art automatic water bottle filler. When we were headed for the child care room one of the girls did a u-turn and I  doubled ... Read More »

Waiting for Our Egg to Hatch

This is Cassie’s dinosaur egg.  We found it at the soccer game this weekend and she has been carrying it around with her since.  It even came to the Preschool Open House today.  Anyway we won’t know what kind of dinosaur it will be until it hatches and it is so hard to wait!   Even “Dinosaur Train” was about dinosaur eggs ... Read More »

First Day Photos

Here are the photos from the first day of school! -Cindy Read More »

The 5lb Binder vs the iPad

Our 5th grade boys came home from their first day of school with a 2 inch binder full of notebooks, folders and paper.  They are supposed to bring it back and forth to school every day.  Just for kicks I weighed one on our mail scale and it was over 5lbs!  In contrast, the 9th graders at the high school each ... Read More »

…and the Big Yellow Bus Took Them All Away!

It came!  The big yellow bus!  The kids got on it and now it is quiet.  Very quiet.  Yes there are still two little bodies running around but that is 2/6 the amount of “noise and needs.”  The kids were ready.  I was ready, so it is win win for everyone! This year I have an 8th grader (oldest grade ... Read More »

A Nature Hike with Zoro

We were up at the cabin for one last weekend of togetherness before school starts and we went to our favorite park for a nature hike and rock climbing.  As the kids climbed out of the van I noticed Callie still had on her “Zoro” mask and was adamant about wearing it the whole hike.  (Of course she has no idea who Zoro ... Read More »


Last week the girls were taking a bath.  I was putting away laundry.  We have 325 different bath toys in a basket next to the tub.  That was not sufficient for them.  They decided (not sure how or why) to take all the bath towels off the hooks (there were 9 of them, 6 for each of the kids plus ... Read More »

Paper-Plated Fridge

So we were up at the cabin for the weekend and one of the projects I introduced to the little ones was the coloring of paper plates.  There are crafty websites dedicated to the transformation of paper plates into all kinds of masterpieces of art.  So Cassie and Callie got to work and drew funny faces on a dozen plates ... Read More »