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Oops and “What?” Week

Perhaps all the additional little voices (all the time, everywhere) in my home have distracted me but I’ve had a bit of a forgetful/clumsy/odd week. Monday I had a permit inspection for our new water softener scheduled for 2:00. I remembered when the girls brought me the “Sorry we Missed You” notice that was displayed on our doorknob for all to see (sometime ... Read More »

The Wonders of Technology

Day 3 of Summer Vacation: I get a text from one of my kids…”I’m bored.” -Cindy Read More »

11 Weeks, 6 days Until School Starts

I know, I know that is a cynical way to look at summer but you weren’t in my van on the way to soccer tonight. Too much togetherness has already settled in. The topics that my sweet children argued about: Who gets to sit up front (after all these years we still can’t solve that one) Windows up, windows down ... Read More »

5th Grade Graduation

The 5th Graders had their transition ceremony yesterday (next year they start middle school). It was really nicely put together. They took the time to have each kid read his/her vision for their future. They could choose their vision for when they were 15, 35 or 60. I loved hearing all their ideas. Some were very specific, they knew what ... Read More »

The Carnival Cruise of School Endings

When I went to school we had school until the last day of school. Then on the last day of school, if we didn’t have our name on the board with 3 checks after it, we would get to watch a movie and drink Shasta. That was the best! Our kids probably could have been done with school two weeks ... Read More »

Are You Smarter than a 5-year-old

I was looking out the window of the van and noticed the clouds were unusually big and fluffy. “Girls, look at the big white fluffy clouds!” Very matter-of-factly Callie answers “Cumulus mom, cumulus clouds.” “Oh, right, cumulus.” -Cindy Read More »

I’ll Be Right Back

When we decided to have six kids I’m not so sure we thought everything through (that would be an understatement). I just finished the June calendar and there are several nights where we have to be in four different places at the same time. Even with our wonderful carpooling arrangements we may have to hire someone to drive and watch ... Read More »

Back from Family Camp

This was our 12th Memorial Weekend at Family Camp! Every year we go to Camp Lebanon with my side of the family; my folks, my older brother, his wife and their two little girls (my younger brother gets to opt-out.) 12 years we have been going. That is pretty amazing. Here is a photo of us from one of the ... Read More »

Sisterly Love

                Sometimes, every once in a while, there are moments like this. -Cindy Read More »

Lego Tourists Visit Nepal

    Not sure if that’s what they were playing but this is truly the scene I came upon the other day.-Cindy   Read More »