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Fun Photo Friday: The Joys of the Roller Slide

We have had unseasonably warm weather the last few days and it has been glorious!  Took everyone to the park and have been playing in the back yard all week.  This is a photo from last year at family camp, but they have a similar slide at a park near us.  The girls just love this thing.  If you get a ... Read More »

Unique Names

“Pablo, Tyrone, time to go!”  I yelled at the McDonald’s playland.  My twin girls shot out of the swirly slide and came over to me to protest leaving.  I continued,  “But Pablo, we have to get home before the kids get off the bus.  Where’s your shoes?”  The lady at the table next to me was giving me the look ... Read More »

Froola Loop

When you make a craft in Preschool with Fruit Loops and then your mom buys you your first Hoola Hoop in the same day,  you tell your Daddy, “I got a new Froola Loop today!” -Cindy Read More »

Spring Birthday

It’s been Callie’s birthday 23 days in a row (according to her).  Her birthday isn’t until April but she has been on a birthday kick.  At dinner, each kid shares about their day and each day Callie announces it was her birthday today.  Obviously it will be really fun when it actually is her birthday this year. Someone else we ... Read More »

Fun Photo Friday: Better Sleep Guarantee

I can’t knock it, I’ve never tried it.   -Cindy Read More »

How to Eat Rice with One Chopstick

Joey had to eat at a  Chinese restaurant for extra credit for one of his classes so I took him, Cassie and Callie to Red Moon Chinese Cafe over the weekend.   Joey’s been to the mountains, the ocean and Disney World but NEVER to a Chinese Restaurant.  Where did we go wrong?  Anyway we went early to avoid any crowds and got to ... Read More »

Pressing Questions of an 8-year-old Girl

Here’s how the conversation went on the way back from dropping off Joey at soccer.  It was just Lexi, my 8-year-old, and me. Lexi: “Mom, can I get extensions for my hair?  My friend at school has extensions and they are so cool.” Me:  “Well, I don’t know.” Lexi: “Do you know how to do extensions?” Me: “No, I’ve never ... Read More »

“Mom, come see, I cleaned my room!”

Yesterday after naps Cassie came running out of her room, “Mom, come see, I cleaned my room!”  She was sooo proud.  When I got to her room, sure enough the room was clean, her bed was made and there was nothing on the floor.  The minor problem was that her cleaning technique was to take all the toys, clothes and ... Read More »

He’s Lookin’ at Me!

You’re familiar with the back seat game of “Mommmm! Johnny’s lookin’ at me!” (sometimes played in conjunction with, “Mommmm! Johnny’s touching me!”).  Loads of fun for everyone involved.  Anyway this weekend it occurred to me that there are different kinds of attention.  Having your brother stare at you just to annoy you is bad attention.  Standing on stage singing for American Idol ... Read More »

Pajama Day

    This must be pajama week.  Lexi had pajama day at choir, the kids all had pajama day at Wednesday Night church and Cassie and Callie had pajama day at preschool yesterday.  It is kind of fun for them to stay in their jammies, wear slippers and see their teachers in their jammies.  I think adults should loosen up ... Read More »