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Barren to Bonkers

A Tender Moment

So we had to take my oldest to a cookie making event for the Jr. High church group.  Jerad was working late so I loaded up all the kids  in the mini-van and we headed out.  It was snowing and the trees were starting to get covered in white flakes and feeling festive I put on come Christmas music.  The Jr. ... Read More »

Not Participating in Daylight Savings

Cassie and Callie (our three year old twins) have decided not to participate in Daylight Savings this year.  They haven’t consciously (or verbally) indicated this decision but ever since the time change they have just stuck with getting up at the same time.  So instead of getting up between 7-7:30 they are now up between 6-6:30 (for someone who is not ... Read More »

Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

Apparently that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you hold your baby for the first time or hear your adopted son’s first english word is not sustainable.  Apparently those warm and fuzzy feelings are interspersed with OTHER feelings and there are entire days that are what I call “feed, clothe and shelter” days.  Well yesterday morning was a “feed, ... Read More »

Meet the Rasmussen’s!

So our youngest, Callie, excitedly came to me this morning and announced, “The Christmas tree tipped over!”  Following behind was her sister, Cassie, who added, “The tree fall down!”  “How did that happen?”  I asked initially irritated. “We knocked it over!” they both chimed in (should talk to their lawyer.) The old me, (from yesterday) would have gottnen mad and rattled off ... Read More »