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“Screens and Teens”

Angry Birds

In the past we have limited “screen time” to around an hour a day. That means TV, XBox, computer whatever it is. But the other day it occured to me that our kids that have iPads at school have 7 hours of screen time PLUS what they do at home. I’m trying to get as much information I can before ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday Parenting: Room Cleaning 101

messy room

Back in the day, all parents had to do was yell “Clean up your room or I’m going to throw everything away!” then, when their sweet child refused to comply, march into their room with a big black Hefty bag and toss everything that was on the floor. Parents usually only had to do this exercise once before the kid ... Read More »

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Infant Bonding in Adoption

Coming this Fall 2015