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Life Beyond the Minivan


When our last kid leaves the house, I am going to sell the minivan and get a yellow VW Bug…with daisy wheels! What would you trade in for? Thursday, October 30, 2014 Text-Your-Teen-at-Ten “Who would be the most fun person to go to Disney World with?” Photo Credits:   Read More »

What Were Ya Thinkin’ Wednesday


So I am sitting at my computer in the kitchen and I hear this “Click-click…slam, click-click…slam” coming from the garage. After more than a minute I go out to see what is going on. I see my oldest daughter, my eyebrow furrows, and I ask the unanswerabel question “Why are you doing that?” Our old microwave was on the gargae floor and ... Read More »

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Infant Bonding in Adoption

Coming this Fall 2015