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Flu Bug 7, Rasmussen’s 1

stomach flu

So the stomach flu kicked our butts the last two weeks. Funny how that coincides with my decision to go back to work! (Not laughing.) I knew there would be some scenarios I would need to plan for if I was working, like if someone was sick would my husband or I stay home with them? For the most part our kids ... Read More »

A Day with the Opportunity to Inspire


The girls wanted to know why they didn’t have school today, so I rattled off all the facts I could remember about MLK, then I found this: How MLK Made a Better World in Just 10 Years This was inspiring and created a whole new conversation. What will we be doing to make an impact today…this week…in 10 years?   ... Read More »

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Infant Bonding in Adoption

Coming this Fall 2015