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Baby Blesser

Cindy's Speech 004Cindy shares her amazing family building journey and tells how God uses the sweet and sour ingredients in our lives to make us into the “dish” he intends us to be.  A Christian neonatologist, a high school friend, an Ukrainian Babushka, the teenage girl next door; how could God use all these people to bring one Minnesotan family together?

Cindy’s light-hearted presentation, filled with a mix of compassion and humor, (done in a cooking show format for extra entertainment value) will leave you amazed at how God created her family.  Be inspired that you can be someone else’s sweet ingredient, you can become a Baby Blesser, by praying for others and learning practical ways to support women through their sour times.  God is working behind the scenes to use you to “be the sweet” in someone’s life!

Audience: Women’s Groups, MOPS Groups, Women’s events/retreats, Mother’s Day Teas, Christmas Teas.



Faith, Fertility, and Family Building

Are you trying to have a baby?  Is it taking longer than you’d like?  Have you expereinced a pregnancy loss?  Are you considering fertility treatments or adoption?  Come be filled with hope as you learn ways to work through infertility, secondary infertility, and loss.  Get answers to:Baby Announcements 081

  • What options are there for Christians to build their families?
  • How can couples deal with the waiting and losses?
  • What techniques can couples use during decision making?
  • How can God be a loving God if he allows loving couples to struggle to have a baby?

Audience:  Church classes/seminars/workshops, Resolve’s Family Building conferences, Adoption conferences


Will this Child be Mine? Family Bonding and Attachment in Adoption

2005_0622Rasmussen0012 - CopyAs the mother of three biological children and three adopted children I have a unique insight on the process of attachment in adoption.  Is what you believe about adoption really true?  What factors contribute to a secure attachment?  Are there some types of adoption that are higher-risk for attachment issues?

“Gain an understanding of how bonding and attachment happen in adoptive families, the similarities and differences in parenting by birth and by adoption, and the common fears about loving an adopted child.” -Midwest RESOLVE

Audience: Resolve’s Family Building Conference, Adoption conferences, Post-adoption support groups




Lexi's B-Day 004 - Copy

Barren to Bonkers!

You wanted them so badly, all these kids, but now…now they are driving you BONKERS!  Cindy shares a comical look at life after infertility…with six kids!  This presentaion will leave you with the grand feeling that someone else’s life is truly crazier than yours!  Your womens’ group or retreat will be empathetically entertained by Cindy’s hillarious stories:

  • Why Driving from Minnesota to Washington D.C. just becasue your kids really liked National Treasure was a bad idea
  • Fun Dip Moms vs. Veggie Chip Moms
  • Why Four-Year-Olds May Not be Ready for Organized Sports
  • The Day Mike Wazowski (yep, Monster’s Inc.) got a Special Blessing and other VBS stories

and more… (new material added on a daily hourly basis.)

Audience:  MOPS groups, PTA fund-raisers, Women’s retreats, Women’s Christmas Desserts

Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • Getting beyond the “If onlys…” Infertiliyt Workshop for Camp Lebanon Women’s Retreat, fall 2014
  • Moms’ Connect Speaker: Wooddale Church, fall 2014
  • Keynote Speaker for RESOLVE’s Midwest Family Building Conference, in 2007 (RESOLVE is the National Infertility Group)
  • RESOLVE’s Family Building Conference workshop presenter, 2004-present
  • MOPS groups throughout the Twin Cities, 2004-present
  • Faith Story presenter at Wooddale Church in Minneapolis on Mother’s Day 2005


For Scheduling Contact: cindy@cindy-rasmussen.com, 952-288-9584




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