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What Mom’s Do for Their Birthdays!

What Mom’s Do for Their Birthdays!

Big Birthday plans today, going out to lunch and off to a concert tonight! (Lunch will be with the girls at the fine dining establishment also known as the girls’ school, followed by a BRAVO music presentation in the 1st grade class, and tonight my husband is taking me out to the MME Band Concert-that’s our 7th grade son’s concert. ... Read More »

Happy 6th Birthday Cassie and Callie!

Happy 6th Birthday Cassie and Callie!

Saturday the girls turned 6!  They had their big party last weekend at the Treehouse with the girls from their class.  This was their first “friend” party so it was so cute to see them all buzzing around with excitement.  They had so much fun! These two little peanuts have been such a blessing to my life.  It took such ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Joey!

Joey turns 14 today! He’s the one that started this whole parenthood thing. I have to admit he made it seem easy (still does). Caught him this morning giving Cassie a piggy back ride while Callie tagged along at his feet pretending to be his puppy. He is a great big brother! Happy Birthday Joey, your Dad and I are ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Cassie and Callie!

Happy Birthday to my sweet and spunky Cassie and Callie. From 2lbs 2oz and 1lb 14oz to two beautiful 5-year olds! Truly miracles! Read More »

Birthday Bartering

Johnny and Josh’s Birthdays were last week. They both turned 11. To celebrate their birthdays we gave them two options. Behind Door #1 was a Birthday Party in which they could invite two of their closest friends, behind Door #2…CASH. Last year they both opted for the Cash settlement (of course we had a family party with cake and ice cream ... Read More »

“Help! I’m the Mother of a Teenager!”

It’s official.  My oldest turns 13 today (Happy Birthday Joey!!).  Let the fun begin.  No more, “Mother may I help you with the dishes.” or “I’d rather stay home and play with my siblings than go out with my friends on Friday.”  Oh, who am I kidding, those things never happened in the first place.  Truthfully Joey will make being the mom of a teenager ... Read More »

Bouncy Castle vs. Bucket and Sand

I love planning Birthday Parties.  Of course my husband reminds me I run around like a mad woman getting everything ready but that’s part of the fun (he would argue with that.)  Yesterday the girls had their first party.  We have done small parties with family before but this was the first time they invited friends and did the whole ... Read More »

My Sweet Girls are 4!

Today is Cassie and Callie’s 4th Birthday!  We had a party at our house after preschool with all their friends from preschool.  It was really fun!  I always get way too sentimental at my kids’ birthdays but seeing as they are my youngest (and they were born so premature) I had the Kleenex out and everything.  They were just so cute opening ... Read More »

Spring Birthday

It’s been Callie’s birthday 23 days in a row (according to her).  Her birthday isn’t until April but she has been on a birthday kick.  At dinner, each kid shares about their day and each day Callie announces it was her birthday today.  Obviously it will be really fun when it actually is her birthday this year. Someone else we ... Read More »