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Faith-n-Family Fridays: Christmas Traditions

Faith-n-Family Fridays: Christmas Traditions

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Sometimes I forget to emphasize that with my kids, especially the youngest ones. This will be only their 7th Christmas, and those first few years I’m pretty sure they don’t remember. So I want to make sure I am intentional about what traditions we are doing. We have a nativity set (yes, ... Read More »

The Countdown to Christmas

The Countdown to Christmas

All right, the guests are set to arrive in one hour.  I think I’m ready.  Not as ready as I would like to be but it will have to do.  There is nothing really cool I saw on Pinterest as a center piece, no new recipes, no papre-bagged candles lining the driveway…the bathrooms are clean and there will be green bean casserole, ... Read More »

On the Stage

Last Friday was the 4th grade Family Breakfast where all the fourth graders come in before school with their families, have breakfast and put on a short concert.  It is always super cute, they do it for every grade, and even though this was the sixteenth family breakfast I’ve been to (one for each kid, each year for the last ... Read More »

364 Days Until Christmas

What a whirlwind of Christmas!  It was such a nice Christmas this year.  Really!!  Everything went really well.  Everyone arrived safely, the turkey turned out, the kids were THRILLED with their gifts and it was just really nice…really loud at times…but really nice.  Here are some pics from our Christmas’s: -Cindy Read More »

Preschool Program

Last Thursday the girls had their Christmas Program at Preschool.  They got dressed-up, sang a bunch of cute songs and we had cookies afterward.  Last year, having a 3-year-old in the program was a lot more unpredictable than 4-year-olds so this year was a little more relaxing.  The girls sang the songs, did the actions and despite some wiggles from Cassie they ... Read More »

The Birth Dog

When we considered doing domestic adoption there were a few things I really worried about.  What if we never got picked, what if the Birth Mom changed her mind, what if the Birth Father shows up later and wants the baby.  But what I couldn’t really wrap my brain around at the time was what it would look like 5 ... Read More »

48 hour Christmas Bonanza

Well we survived the 48 hour Christmas bonanza.  Started Christmas Eve with a whirlwind cleaning of the house, some skating on the pond, Christmas Eve service at church, the in-laws came around 5:00, had dinner, opened gifts, ate pie, made sure everything was ready for Santa.  Christmas morning we opened gifts, played with gifts, messied up the house, cleaned up the house, my ... Read More »

Merry Christmas!

I hope you will find some joy this Christmas weekend.  Wherever you are in your journey take time to appreciate what you have but also acknowledge the hurt that comes from not having the baby you wish for…yet.  Be hopeful.  Believe.  Believe that God is working behind the scenes to either help bring a baby/child into your life or to ... Read More »

Norman Rockwell Moment

This Sunday, after I put the girls down for their nap, I came into the kitchen and paused to notice it was really quiet (which usually means someone(s) is/are up to something).  I went downstairs to find the rest of the kids but they weren’t around.  I found my husband and he pointed out back.  There they were, the four ... Read More »

Shop when Santa’s not around

When you’re going through infertility Christmas can be especially tough.  Be gentle with yourself and try to avoid situations that may trigger you.  One fellow blogger wrote, “I advise my friends to shop when Santa is not on duty, that way they are much less likely to run into a lot of kids and babies.”  Some days seeing Santa and all ... Read More »