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Russian Adoption Ban

I just read this article before Christmas: Boy’s Christmas wish: Adoption of little brother caught in US-Russia spat And then saw this today: Russia parliament passes anti-US adoption bill Essentially Russia just signed a bill that bans adoptions from Americans.  According to the first article: On Friday, Russian lawmakers passed a bill that would prohibit Americans from adopting Russian children, and if ... Read More »

The Thursday Thinker: Adoption

If you are experiencing secondary infertility (you already have one or more children but are having difficulty having another) and you are considering adoption, do you worry about how an adopted brother or sister would affect your current child/ren?  What would be the benefits?  What would be the struggles? -Cindy Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesdays: Open Adoption

Note:  Miracle Monday for this week will be posted later in the week. This is a small study but offers some statistics on Open Adoption: A study by Grotevant and McRoy, published in 1998, reported that 72 percent of adoptive parents were satisfied with their birth mothers and nearly all but one birth mother in the study were satisfied with their ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: Domestic Adoption

According to the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute the number of infants available for private domestic adoption is decreasing: “Number of Infants Available for Private Adoption Has Been Decreasing A variety of factors, including increased access to contraception, the legalization of abortion and changed social attitudes about unmarried parenting, have caused the number of white infants placed for adoption in the ... Read More »

The Thursday Thinker: International Adoption vs Domestic Adoption

If you decided to adopt, would you adopt internationally or try to find a birth mother in the U.S. and have a domestic adoption?  What are the pros and cons of each?   -Cindy Read More »

A Touching Poem about Adoption

I found this poem on Adoption.com: From God’s Arms, To My Arms, To Yours Have a nice weekend, Cindy Read More »

The Waiting “Game”

What are your favorite games?  Checkers? Monopoly?  Dance, Dance Revolution?  All fun things right?  How about the game of waiting to see if you’re pregnant?  Or the game of waiting for the adoption agency to call?  Not at the top of my list.  So who came up with the term “waiting game”?  None of these are fun “game-like” situations.  The word “game” simply doesn’t ... Read More »

Did I get the call?

When we signed up for domestic adoption I was obsessed (literally obsessed) with the answering machine.  I didn’t have a cell phone at the time and so every time I would come in the door I would look at the phone to see if the light was blinking.  If it was, my heart beat a little faster, even though I ... Read More »