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The Thursday Thinker: The Russian Adoption Ban

In December/January the Russians put a ban on adoptions from Americans. The last two children who had been previously matched with American parents, were allowed to leave for America on April 2nd, so the ban has officially begun. What do you think the ramifications of this will be? Read More »

Russian Adoption Ban

I just read this article before Christmas: Boy’s Christmas wish: Adoption of little brother caught in US-Russia spat And then saw this today: Russia parliament passes anti-US adoption bill Essentially Russia just signed a bill that bans adoptions from Americans.  According to the first article: On Friday, Russian lawmakers passed a bill that would prohibit Americans from adopting Russian children, and if ... Read More »

Financial Fridays: Adoption Costs

Here is the breakdown of fees involved for Children’s Home Society’s International Adoption programs: Russia  http://www.chsfs.org/sites/default/files/attachments/RussiaFeeExpenseSchedule.pdf China http://www.chsfs.org/sites/default/files/attachments/ChinaProgramFeeExpenseSchedule.pdf Korea http://www.chsfs.org/sites/default/files/attachments/KoreaFeeExpenseSchedule.pdf Columbia http://www.chsfs.org/sites/default/files/attachments/ColombiaFeeExpenseSchedule.pdf There has been a significant increase in fees in some countries and wait times are longer than when we adopted 9 years ago.  Neither of these benefit the waiting children and that frustrates me. -Cindy   Read More »

The Thursday Thinker: Adoption

If you are experiencing secondary infertility (you already have one or more children but are having difficulty having another) and you are considering adoption, do you worry about how an adopted brother or sister would affect your current child/ren?  What would be the benefits?  What would be the struggles? -Cindy Read More »

A Touching Poem about Adoption

I found this poem on Adoption.com: From God’s Arms, To My Arms, To Yours Have a nice weekend, Cindy Read More »

New Years Resolutions (Part 3)

Today your job is to take your questions from yesterday and compare your answers.  What is your first instinct?  What were you initially excited about, relieved about or most nervous about or had a nagging feeling of “see I knew that…”.  Let these be your guide.  For example if you were very apprehensive about adoption but after talking to three ... Read More »

New Years Resolutions (Part 2)

From the list of choices from yesterday which two are at the top of your list?  For example:  “Conceive with assisted reproduction and carry baby to term” and  “Adopt through domestic adoption”.  For each of those write down what the next step is:  “List 3 ART Clinics and the phone numbers” and “List 3 Adoption Agencies and the phone numbers”.  ... Read More »

Adoption Support Groups

Tonight I will be getting together with a group of other moms who have adopted from Eastern European countries.  Many of them adopted sibling groups and children over the age of 3.  There is a common bond between us ladies that I had been searching for for years.  I just started meeting with this group in June and it has ... Read More »