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Faith-Based Infertility Support Group

I will be teaching a workshop on Faith-Based Infertility at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, MN, on Saturday, Feb. 8, 9am-12pm. If you or someone you know would benefit from some HOPE then pass this along! Faith, Fertility, and Family Building Infertility Support Group -Cindy Rasmussen www.cindy-rasmussen.com       Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesdays: Endometriosis

Are you one of the millions affected by Endometriosis?  Here are the facts about this disorder: Endometriosis is a disorder of the female reproductive system in which endometrial tissue (the normal lining of the uterus) is found outside the uterine cavity. An estimated three to five million American women of reproductive age suffer from endometriosis. This disease is prevalent in ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: Endometriosis Stats

Endometriosis is a common cause of infertility and yet it is often not diagnosed.  Here is the fact sheet and statistics about the disorder: Endometriosis Facts & Statistics Most women with endometriosis suffer pain—and present symptoms—up to a full decade prior to diagnosis. Approximately 176 million women and girls worldwide suffer from endometriosis; 8.5 million in North America alone. Associated ... Read More »

Family “Recipe” Friday: The Gavin’s

Here is the story of the Gavin’s (names have been changed.)  After 2 years of infertility they recently decided to adopt.  They are still in the waiting phase as they wait to be connected with a birth mom.  Also hoping to still get pregnant. Recipe for The Gavin Family 1 storybook wedding (Married on Valentines Day! 2009) 1 husband (sales manager) 1 ... Read More »