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Miracle Monday: Friendships, Identity, Marriage, and Faith

April Motl responds to the simple but sometimes dreaded question, “Do you have Children?”. Here is reblog of her post: Waiting for God to Fill Your Cradle How does infertility affect your friendships, identity, marriage and relationship with God? -Cindy Read More »

Miracle Monday: Dealing with Loss

I just read a blog from a mom who lost her baby seven weeks ago. Reading what she wrote in real-time was so heartbreaking, so raw. My heart goes out to her. How can I help her know that the pain will subside? That there is hope? That someday she won’t spend every waking moment reviewing what happened and questioning what she ... Read More »

The Thursday Thinker: Easter

Are you prepared for the next holiday? Do you have answers for the inquisition as to the reasons that you and your husband have yet provided your mother-in-law with grandchildren? What if your cousin announces her third pregnancy and rolls her eyes about how bothersome the morning sickness is? Have you though about how to handle the emotions when you ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: Baby Dedications at Church

If you are trying to get pregnant or have experienced a miscarriage or pregnancy loss it can be extremely difficult to sit through a baby dedication ceremony at church. If you are going through a time that is very emotional you may want to skip the service if you know a baby dedication may be a part of it. Different ... Read More »

While you Wait Wednesday: While I’m Waiting (Song)

I know the movie Fireproof came out years ago, but the theme song is a touching one about waiting that also applies to waiting for a baby. The lyrics for “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller can be found here. -Cindy Read More »

Miracle Mondays: Books on Infertility

You could certainly look on Amazon for a listing of books on infertility but I found another list that is more comprehensive. It includes books on infertility, adoption, egg donation, surrogacy in both non-fiction and fiction. There are faith-based books as well as general audience books. Some are personal stories whereas others are self-help and educational. Take a look: Infertility ... Read More »

Miracle Mondays: Eucharisteo

I just started reading Ann Voskamp’s, One Thousand Gifts, and I was drawn in by the use of the word Eucharisteo. I’m not that familiar with the biblical term but as she describes it, it is finding blessings and being thankful. She goes on to write about how to find joy right now, where you are, in what ever situation ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: Pray for Patience

Sometimes we just don’t know what to pray for anymore.  We’ve asked (sometimes begged) God for a pregnancy, a baby, an adoption and yet we still have empty arms.  We’ve prayed for direction, what should we don next?  Who should we see?  Who can we get help from?  At a Bible Study last week the speaker recommended when our faith is weak ... Read More »

The Truth about Trying Tuesday: New IVF Technique

This is excellent news for those who may need to do IVF. Although the research is new and may take awhile to become manistream this is a wonderful breakthrough! New IVF technique giving women better outcomes -Cindy Read More »

Miracle Mondays: Why the delay?

“A delay is not a denial from God.” -Rick Warren Sometimes I wish God spoke to us in dreams like he did in Bible times. (Unless, of course, there was bad news predicted!) But how much easier it would be if God told us, as he did to Sarah in Genesis that at this time next year you will give ... Read More »