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Miracle Monday: “Hannah’s Hope”: Put Yourself in my Shoes

Chapter 5 of “Hannah’s Hope” by Jennifer Saake discusses how to cope with other people’s’ comments during infertility or after a loss of a baby at any stage: “People who haven’t walked in our shoes have no idea of the depths to which we grieve and experience anger and hopelessness.” We have all been subjected to insensitive comments.  Most people ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: “Hannah’s Hope”Because He Loved Her

In “Hannah’s Hope” by Jennifer Saake, Chapter 4 discusses the husband’s perspective, titled “Because He Loved Her”.  From the first part of the chapter she writes: “Little frustrates a man more than feeling inadequate to prevent his wife’s pain.” This is a powerful statement that really underlies the struggle men have with infertility.  They want to fix-it and they can’t.  They hate ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: “Hannah’s Hope” Is God Punishing Me?

In the book “Hannah’s Hope” by Jennifer Saake chapter three is titled, “Is God Punishing Me?”  I think this thought occurs to all of us.  It is the human need to know “why”.  Sometimes in life there are direct correlations (if I don’t water my plant it will die)  Other times there is not ( I can take good care of my ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: “Hannah’s Hope” envy, jealousy, and rivalry

Chapter 2 of “Hannah’s Hope” by Jennifer Saake is titled, “Envy, Jealousy, and Rivalry”.  Obviously Hannah from the bible had to have all these feelings.  In her time it was allowable for husbands to take another wife.  Imagine her pain when she was unable to conceive and so her husband married another woman who gave him multiple children. In our ... Read More »

Miracle Monday: “Hannah’s Hope”

When we read chapter one of “Hannah’s Hope” it asked for us to define family.  What does that mean to you?  If you changed your definition would it be easier?  Or would you consider that not being true to yourself? When I was little I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up (and a Mom!).  When ... Read More »

Miracle Mondays: “Hannah’s Hope” Chapt. 1

We are reading “Hannah’s Hope” by Jennifer Saake this summer and reviewing the book chapter by chapter.  Last week we read Chapter 1: Family Ties.  In this first chapter the author provides a little history on the biblical character of Hannah.  Hannah’s struggles to conceive is one of the most memorable in the Bible but it is preceded by other women, ... Read More »

Miracle Mondays: “Hannah’s Hope”

Did you get a chance to read some of “Hannah’s Hope: Seeking God’s Heart in the Middle of Infertility, Miscarriage and Adoption Loss” by Jennifer Saake?  I read through the Introduction, Prologue (Her Story) and Chapter One.  You can preview these sections for free at the books website: http://www.hannahshopebook.com/hannahshope.html Today I will just discuss the Introduction and Prologue, next week we will ... Read More »

Miracle Mondays

On Mondays this summer I will be reviewing the book, “Hannah’s Hope: Seeking God’s Heart in the Midst of Infertility, Miscarriage and Adoption Loss” by Jennifer Saake.  Pick up a copy and read along with me as we look at the struggles and triumphs Jennifer experienced.  Check out the website here.  We will review Chapter 1, next Monday. -Cindy Read More »

Miracle Monday: “When the Cradle is Empty” Chap. 15

“When Will the Journey End?”  asks chapter 15 of “When the Cradle is Empty” by John and Sylvia Van Regenmorter.  The authors describe the milestones of grief that people go through with any loss.  Infertility is a real loss no matter how it ends. “Please remember that the stages of grief as described by Westberg end with recovery, not despair.  ... Read More »

Friday Wrap-Up

I found this article on the risk of birth defects with the use of assisted reproduction.  Although there is an increase in birth defects n children conceived using ART the reason may not be due to the procedures: “The authors demonstrate that, although patients who undergo IVF may have an increased risk of birth defects, this risk is associated with the ... Read More »