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Soccer, Field Trips, and Thomas Edison

It has been a crazy spring.  apparently the people who did this study “Mom survey says: Three is the most stressful number of kids” haven’t been to our house! I love that soccer season has begun.  I really do enjoy watching the kids play soccer.  This year I will actually get to watch some of the games now that the girls ... Read More »

Mom’s Night at Preschool

Last night it was Mom’s Night at preschool. We did some projects, played with some of the classroom toys and sang some fun songs. With five kids going through this preschool this was my seventh and last Mom’s night. It was bittersweet. There is just something about the excitement that preschoolers exhibit that slowly fades as they get older. I soaked it ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Cassie and Callie!

Happy Birthday to my sweet and spunky Cassie and Callie. From 2lbs 2oz and 1lb 14oz to two beautiful 5-year olds! Truly miracles! Read More »

Manager at Kitchenville

The kids have chores. Our oldest is on Breakfast Duty (since that seems to be the only time of day he is around) and two others are on Dinner Duty. It essentially means they are responsible for making sure the dishes are all in the dishwasher, the food is put away and the counters, tables and floors are clean. At dinner the ... Read More »

Thanksgiving Weekend Re-cap

I know it was several days ago but we did celebrate Thanksgiving and it actually went pretty well.  Our tradition is to go out to eat  Wednesday night with my husband’s side of the family and then this year I hosted my side of the family at out house on Thursday. Wednesday night we agreed on going to the local ... Read More »

A 4-Sentence Conversation

We shipped half the kids to camp and the other half to the grandparents which meant my husband and I had three (QUIET) days to ourselves.  Guess what happened?  We held a conversation that had 4 consecutive sentences!  Really, uninterrupted, 4 of them!  Then we just froze, neither of us sure how to proceed, like an English Language Learner that had used all ... Read More »

“Help! I’m the Mother of a Teenager!”

It’s official.  My oldest turns 13 today (Happy Birthday Joey!!).  Let the fun begin.  No more, “Mother may I help you with the dishes.” or “I’d rather stay home and play with my siblings than go out with my friends on Friday.”  Oh, who am I kidding, those things never happened in the first place.  Truthfully Joey will make being the mom of a teenager ... Read More »

A Visit from Uncle Bill

So my brother Bill came to visit on Saturday.  He is a youth pastor in Oklahoma and was up visitng for the week.  The kids were all thrilled to see him.  Bill got to play Monopoly with Josh and Johnny (the new fanagled electronic banking version), play with Cassie, Callie and their 15 stuffed animals/Pillow Pets, get informed about the hobby of ... Read More »

It’s Kinda Johnny’s Birthday

I know, “kind of” having a birthday is like “kind of” being pregnant.  But it is “kind of” Johnny’s birthday today.  The story behind that is that when we went to Ukraine to adopt we didn’t know who we were going to adopt.  We were hoping for a little boy, and/or boy and girl if the situation looked right.  As ... Read More »

Dad’s Night at Preschool

So last night it was Dad’s Night at Preschool.  The girls got to bring their Dad to school for a fun night of crafts, songs and fun.  Here are the projects they brought back:  I don’t know if you can see it from this photo but the first thing I thought was did you get this mixed up with someone ... Read More »