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Wholesome Homemade Lunches…

Wholesome Homemade Lunches…

that’s where I started…in my planning for the new school year.  I made an Excel spreadsheet of everything I would make for the kids’ lunches, replicating the Government approved Myplate precicesly (apparently the food pyramid I grew up with was insufficient and produced a generation of nuerotic overachievers who make Excel spreadheets of what to feed their family…good thing they changed it).  But it doesn’t ... Read More »

Dog Needs vs. Kid Needs

Dog Needs vs. Kid Needs

4 Basic needs of a dog: 1. Feed me 2. Let me out to “whiz or poo” (the dog trainers vocabulary I’m learning) 3. Take me for a walk 4. Show me some love (pet me, rub my tummy, play with me)   4 Basic needs of a kid: 1.  Feed me, but not that vegetarian lasagna you made the ... Read More »

Go Unicorns…Beat the Popsicles!

Go Unicorns…Beat the Popsicles!

Welcome to the world of Girl’s Kindergarten Soccer.  Our team name, after much debate and a simple vote, is the Unicorns (I know fierce).  But the team we played tonight were the Popsicles so maybe it’s not about making the other team afraid of their opponent.  Since we don’t keep score and we don’t want to hurt anyones feelings I’m not sure ... Read More »

A Zip-lining, Fish-catching, Dodgballing Good Time

Last weekend we went to Family Camp.  “What is Family Camp? ” a  friend asked when I told her our Memorial Weekend plans. “It’s like camping except we stay in a lodge (much like a hotel room with our own bathroom) and they cook all the meals for us (buffet style so we just show up, eat, and leave), and they ... Read More »

On the Stage

Last Friday was the 4th grade Family Breakfast where all the fourth graders come in before school with their families, have breakfast and put on a short concert.  It is always super cute, they do it for every grade, and even though this was the sixteenth family breakfast I’ve been to (one for each kid, each year for the last ... Read More »

Dalmatians at Thanksgiving?

The other night we are all sitting around the dinner table and Cassie gets up, all of a sudden and disappears.  She comes back in a few minutes dressed in her Halloween costume, the dalmatian.  She goes about eating her dinner as if nothing happened. The upside is we have definitely gotten our moneys worth out of Cassie’s costume.  The downside, ... Read More »

Johnny’s Play

We went to the theatre this weekend…at the middle school.  Johnny was in the production of “Adventures of a Comic Book Artist”.  It was a really cute play about super heroes.  Johnny played one of the four super heroes that comes to life after the comic book artist uses a magical pen.  His character was Triple Time (a really fast ... Read More »

Top 5 Signs Your Child Might NOT be Ready to Use Scissors Unsupervised

  I know, I know, you’re thinking what on earth were you doing while your kids ran around the house in a crazy cutting frenzy?  Well, these are cumulative findings that have been discovered over the course of time, however I am baffled that at my kids’ ages these still occur.  I don’t get it.  But maybe it’s like the urge ... Read More »

What do People Do in the Evenings?

We have four more days until soccer is over for the season. That means next week, starting on Monday we will no longer have to eat dinner at 4:30 to make sure everyone eats before eve. activities. We will no longer have to play Carpool Amazing Race. We won’t have to plan ahead for going to three different events making ... Read More »

4th of July Week

We are back from a week at the cabin. I could seriously get used to lake life on a permanent basis. We had beautiful weather all week except for a few showers over the weekend. Our friends came up on Tuesday and our relatives were up for the fourth. A nice combination of visitors and just time by ourselves. Got some fun ... Read More »