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Non-Traditional Holiday Traditions

We’re not trying to set any trends nor are we opposed to any tradtional holiday traditions but we have a habit of doing some non-traditional things for holidays.  For Martin Luther King Jr. Day we usually go bowling (How to Celebrate Civil Rights Leaders).  The week before Thanksgiving we made a gingerbread haunted house (90%-off after Halloween). So for Presidents Day we ... Read More »

Who Do You Think Won?

Read More »

Mom’s New Year Preview

In the spirit of a newspaper columnist that wrote a review of the year to come instead of last year, here is a prediction of what 2013 holds for our family: In 2013: 1.  Our children will learn how to get into and out of a mini-van without fighting, screaming, “accidentally” closing doors on each other AND without having to hire ... Read More »

Thrown Outta Whack by Halloween

Wow, what a week.  Just now catching my breath.  Here’s a recipe for you: A Couple kids with ADHD A field trip to a noisy roller rink A costume party and parade Running around the neighborhood getting sugar Add the above ingredients, then add sleep deprivation (they’re too wired to sleep), a few late assignments, the end of the quarter ... Read More »

A Pile of Leaves

It’s that time of year.  I went up to the cabin with the girls to do some yard work etc. and it occurred to me that when an adult sees a pile of leaves they think of all the work that it will take to rake it up, bag it up, haul it a way.  Kids look at a pile ... Read More »

The Slot Machine Toilet

If my Ice Cube Box invention doesn’t catch on I’m going with the “Slot Machine Toilet”.  It’s programmed like a slot machine so that every eighth, twelfth or twentieth player is a winner, all you have to do to play is FLUSH!  There is seemingly some confusion at our house about this step in the pottying process (and I’m not referring to the ... Read More »

Honk for the Reindeer (and Bad Drivers)

On our way home from Preschool Callie saw a deer-crossing sign. “There’s a reindeer sign!  You have to watch for reindeer and if you see one you have to honk.  Daddy honks a lot.  He honks at people.” -Cindy Read More »

We Lost Wiener Dog!

It was stuffed animal day at preschool today.  The girls stayed overnight at Nana and Papa’s and so they brought their stuffed animals along.  Callie brought her little deer (named “Deer” and Cassie brought her wiener dog (named “Weiner Dog”).  Of course right before it was time to leave wiener dog was lost!  What could have led to a major melt down was averted by ... Read More »

4 year-old Soccer

It’s fall soccer time!  This weekend Joey had two games, Lexi had one game and Cassie and Callie had a game.  That’s right we started the 4 year-olds in organized sports.  Don’t want them to miss out on any scholarship opportunities you know.  However, I hardly believe the experience they are having with fall soccer is propelling them towards being ... Read More »

First Day Photos

Here are the photos from the first day of school! -Cindy Read More »