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Back from “Vacation”

Last week I took the kids up to the cabin.  We got up there Tuesday and got back yesterday.  My husband joined us Fri. night.  It was really nice to have some visitors during the week.  Terri and her kids came up Wed.-Thurs. and Cyndi came with her kiddos all day Thurs.  It was fun to have some time to share ... Read More »

A Tea Party with Dadddy OR…

You know those commercials where the Daddy is sitting in a tiny chair at the kid-sized table wearing a frilly hat and pouring tea for his daughter and her teddy bears?  It may sell a lot of Father’s Day cards but our version is a little different.  Yesterday before bed Jerad was on the deck with the kids and he ... Read More »

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo…

We went to the Minnesota Zoo today.  They had a special Dinosaur exhibit with robotic dinosaurs in their “natural” habitat.  I was a little concerned how the girls would react but it turns out I was the only one that freaked out.  AT the entrance one of the dinosaurs gives a little surprise that I was not expecting making me ... Read More »


I love the olympics!  Don’t want to participate in them but I love to watch them.  Problem: we don’t have cable and don’t get TV reception.  I went out earlier in the week and bought a fancy 360 degree flat antenna to hook up to our TV. “Just plug it in and watch all your favorite channels.”  I plugged it ... Read More »

Traditional Anniversary Gifts: 14 years – The Hot Dog

It is our 14th Wedding Anniversary today and to celebrate I’m taking all the kids to the Park Program Picnic for free Hot Dogs!  I’m thrilled because I don’t have to cook or clean up, the kids will have fun and when we get home it will be bedtime.  I have heard of couples that spend their anniversary together but ... Read More »

Mom’s Hotdog Oven

We finally got a little rain on Friday.  During one of the downpours Callie looked out the back patio door to the deck.  She alerted us all, “Oh no!  It’s getting all wet!  The green thing, Mom’s hotdog oven!” I walked over to see what she was talking about…our grill! -Cindy Read More »

Clifford the Big Red Dog

So we went to Barnes and Noble for storytime this morning hoping to see Clifford.  However due to some mix-up (probably mine) Spot the dog was there instead.  My girls aren’t familiar with the Spot books so they weren’t that interested.  We were sitting right by the Espanol book shelf so the girls started taking books off the shelf and brushing up on ... Read More »

Deep Conversations

What I like about having the kids home for the summer is it gives us quality time together where we are not rushed and can have some really deep conversations.  Sometimes the best convetsations unfold while driving in the car.  Here was ours today: Josh: This movie is rated G. Lexi: No it’s not. Josh: Yes it is. Lexi: No ... Read More »

I Have No Authority

Joey was watching the girls while I got some work done and he decided to take the girls out front to play with the hose.  They hooked up the sprayer and were spraying each other having a great time.  It was fun to watch.  Joey went in to grab something and so I went out and was going to spray ... Read More »

“I Caught a Fish as Big as My Arm!”

This is what Lexi is telling everyone and it’s pretty much true.  At the cabin, Lexi and Cassie were on one pole while Josh was on another and Callie watched.  I had just picked up my book to read for the eighth time in an hour and I heard all this splashing and screaming (similar to Splashing and Flushing.)  I looked ... Read More »