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Hamster Sitting

Cassie and Callie are babysitting the preschool hamster for the week.  We just picked-up Snickers from the neighbors who had him before us.  It’s a lot of pressure to keep the little guy alive for a week because I’m sure there would hours of future therapy needed if we were responsible for the hamster’s demise.  Somehow Snickers is like 23 years old ... Read More »

VBS Week: “Pray for Mike Wazowski”

It’s VBS week at church so that means a couple thousand kids are herded through fun/educational stations to learn about Jesus and how to be nice and kind.  I decided we should all go this year.  The kids have to be going into Kindergarten before they can start unless one of their parents volunteers.  The kids of the volunteers can be ... Read More »

A Tribute to Dads

For Father’s day we were up at the cabin.  The kids and I ran into town to pick-up some stuff and get pizza for dinner.  We usually get Little Caesars (which Jerad is not a huge fan of) so we decided to surprise him with Chipolte (which he does like).  We also found a stuffed scorpion at one of the thrift shops and the kids ... Read More »

Dueling Tricycles

You know it’s summer when your hear “Wheeeeeee!” I took the crew to the park and threw the tricycles in the trunk.  The girls rode them all over the trails.  They found one trail that had a slope, they worked their way up, turned around and then zoomed down the hill, feet in the air, pedals whirling, screaming in glee!  Pure joy! -Cindy Read More »

Lesser Known Summer Themes

Past summers we have had fun themes each week: Safari Week(went to the zoo), Pirate Week(visited the pirate themed water park), Dinosaur Week (the Science Museum).  Oh but the really fun times have been during some unconventional themed weeks.  Take today for instance, lets call it Orthopaedic Week, we all went to the doctor to watch Josh get his new cast put on!  The ... Read More »

Reentry into Familyhood

So contrary to the predicted weekend mishaps, things went off without a hitch!  The only hard part was when everyone came back last night, mingling the whole family, everyone wanting to share the events of their weekend (and meet the quota of irritating each sibling they had missed.) The time at the cabin was really nice.  Got a lot of ... Read More »

This Just In: Three Kids Easier than Six!

This weekend we divided and attempted to conquer.  Jerad took the three middle kids to the cabin and I stayed home with the two little girls and Joey.  Joey had a soccer tournament all weekend, here in town so that was fun.  I “got to” work at the info tent as a team volunteer (much easier than the 20 hours ... Read More »

And the Pictionary Award Goes To…

This weekend at camp we all went to the craft barn and Jerad was coloring and drawing with the girls.  He sketched an outline of the United States and asked the girls “What’s this?”  Cassie answered quickly, “A Pig!”  Guess we need to work a little on Geography (or Jerad needs to tweak his drawing skills?!?) -Cindy Read More »

One Big Happy Family Camp

Every Memorial Weekend we go up north to Camp Lebanon (the church camp our kids go to in the summer).  This is the 11th year we have gone up there!  My parents go every year as do my brother, sister-in-law and their two girls.  So it’s kind of family reunion of sorts.  We stay in a lodge which is really quite nice, ... Read More »

Cuz We’re Goin’ to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…

We’ve been trying to get to the zoo since Cassie and Callie’s birthday.  So today everything lined up and we met Nana and Papa at the MN Zoo.  It was a beautiful day and it wasn’t too crowded.  There were a few school groups but not too bad.  The girls really liked the monkeys, the fish and the dolphin show.  ... Read More »