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The Essence of Bonkerness

So it has been a really crazy week.  Of course I try to  appear that I have it all together but there were definitely ducks out of  row.  I am officially adding “Events Planner” to my resume after this past week.  So here is an example of what “a day in the life” is like.  Tuesday I had to swap cars with ... Read More »

“What a Bunch of Clowns!”

I hurried everyone into the van to get to church on time.  Jerad took Josh, Johnny and Lexi to the cabin for a day so it was just me, the twins and Joey.  So I was more relaxed in getting ready which was really nice.  As we drove to church I looked back and noticed Cassie hadn’t done her hair.  ... Read More »

You Know You’ve had a Great Weekend at the Cabin When…

Last week we started our spring break out at the cabin.  Friday morning I loaded up the kids and hauled them all up there to get a head start.  We closed it up for the winter so there were a few things we needed to do to get everything operational, but it was supposed to be a nice weekend so ... Read More »

The True Meaning of Easter

A couple of years ago when Lexi was 5 I overheard her talking with her brothers about Easter.  The boys were going on-and-on about all the eggs that were hidden at Nana Jeans and the cash they found in their eggs and the Easter Bunny.  Lexi interrupted them and said, “You know, Easter’s not just about the eggs and the ... Read More »

Surprise Weekend Trip

Last week we decided to surprise the kids for New Years and take them on a weekend trip.  At lunchtime on Friday I told them all to pack a bag and get in the van, Dad was taking us somewhere for a surprise!  With a big family you’re always going to get a mixed response to any event, the “Tiggers” ... Read More »

Merry Christmas!

The kids are all home today (day 1 of 11) and I think we’re ready for Christmas.  We will have the in-laws over Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas day.  It’s nice having it here because the kids are used to it and know the routine.  It’s less stress for them (and me).  The gifts are wrapped and ready to ... Read More »