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The Countdown to Christmas

The Countdown to Christmas

All right, the guests are set to arrive in one hour.  I think I’m ready.  Not as ready as I would like to be but it will have to do.  There is nothing really cool I saw on Pinterest as a center piece, no new recipes, no papre-bagged candles lining the driveway…the bathrooms are clean and there will be green bean casserole, ... Read More »

4th of July Week

We are back from a week at the cabin. I could seriously get used to lake life on a permanent basis. We had beautiful weather all week except for a few showers over the weekend. Our friends came up on Tuesday and our relatives were up for the fourth. A nice combination of visitors and just time by ourselves. Got some fun ... Read More »

Back from Family Camp

This was our 12th Memorial Weekend at Family Camp! Every year we go to Camp Lebanon with my side of the family; my folks, my older brother, his wife and their two little girls (my younger brother gets to opt-out.) 12 years we have been going. That is pretty amazing. Here is a photo of us from one of the ... Read More »


We had a low-key Easter this year. A week before we had gathered with the in-laws to celebrate the kids’ spring Birthdays and the girls had spent a week at Nana and Papa’s so it was nice to just spend time with our immediate family. We had a traditional Easter dinner: hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans and Pringles, with ice ... Read More »

Non-Traditional Holiday Traditions

We’re not trying to set any trends nor are we opposed to any tradtional holiday traditions but we have a habit of doing some non-traditional things for holidays.  For Martin Luther King Jr. Day we usually go bowling (How to Celebrate Civil Rights Leaders).  The week before Thanksgiving we made a gingerbread haunted house (90%-off after Halloween). So for Presidents Day we ... Read More »

Thrown Outta Whack by Halloween

Wow, what a week.  Just now catching my breath.  Here’s a recipe for you: A Couple kids with ADHD A field trip to a noisy roller rink A costume party and parade Running around the neighborhood getting sugar Add the above ingredients, then add sleep deprivation (they’re too wired to sleep), a few late assignments, the end of the quarter ... Read More »

Traditional Anniversary Gifts: 14 years – The Hot Dog

It is our 14th Wedding Anniversary today and to celebrate I’m taking all the kids to the Park Program Picnic for free Hot Dogs!  I’m thrilled because I don’t have to cook or clean up, the kids will have fun and when we get home it will be bedtime.  I have heard of couples that spend their anniversary together but ... Read More »

A Tribute to Dads

For Father’s day we were up at the cabin.  The kids and I ran into town to pick-up some stuff and get pizza for dinner.  We usually get Little Caesars (which Jerad is not a huge fan of) so we decided to surprise him with Chipolte (which he does like).  We also found a stuffed scorpion at one of the thrift shops and the kids ... Read More »

The 2nd Grade Concert

Not only was it Joey’s birthday yesterday (the girls and I got his birthday money in ones and spread it all over his floor to surprise him when he got home, he liked that) but it was also Lexi’s 2nd grade concert.  She had a one-line solo.  She did just great!  She stood up there with a few of her ... Read More »

It’s Kinda Johnny’s Birthday

I know, “kind of” having a birthday is like “kind of” being pregnant.  But it is “kind of” Johnny’s birthday today.  The story behind that is that when we went to Ukraine to adopt we didn’t know who we were going to adopt.  We were hoping for a little boy, and/or boy and girl if the situation looked right.  As ... Read More »