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4th of July Week

We are back from a week at the cabin. I could seriously get used to lake life on a permanent basis. We had beautiful weather all week except for a few showers over the weekend. Our friends came up on Tuesday and our relatives were up for the fourth. A nice combination of visitors and just time by ourselves. Got some fun ... Read More »

Back from Family Camp

This was our 12th Memorial Weekend at Family Camp! Every year we go to Camp Lebanon with my side of the family; my folks, my older brother, his wife and their two little girls (my younger brother gets to opt-out.) 12 years we have been going. That is pretty amazing. Here is a photo of us from one of the ... Read More »

Back from “Vacation”

Last week I took the kids up to the cabin.  We got up there Tuesday and got back yesterday.  My husband joined us Fri. night.  It was really nice to have some visitors during the week.  Terri and her kids came up Wed.-Thurs. and Cyndi came with her kiddos all day Thurs.  It was fun to have some time to share ... Read More »

A 4-Sentence Conversation

We shipped half the kids to camp and the other half to the grandparents which meant my husband and I had three (QUIET) days to ourselves.  Guess what happened?  We held a conversation that had 4 consecutive sentences!  Really, uninterrupted, 4 of them!  Then we just froze, neither of us sure how to proceed, like an English Language Learner that had used all ... Read More »

One Big Happy Family Camp

Every Memorial Weekend we go up north to Camp Lebanon (the church camp our kids go to in the summer).  This is the 11th year we have gone up there!  My parents go every year as do my brother, sister-in-law and their two girls.  So it’s kind of family reunion of sorts.  We stay in a lodge which is really quite nice, ... Read More »

You Know You’ve had a Great Weekend at the Cabin When…

Last week we started our spring break out at the cabin.  Friday morning I loaded up the kids and hauled them all up there to get a head start.  We closed it up for the winter so there were a few things we needed to do to get everything operational, but it was supposed to be a nice weekend so ... Read More »

Geography 101

After church on Sunday I took all the kids to the mall to get a new video game and then we stopped at McDonald’s for lunch.  Since the conversation that started revolved around how long one could go without using a toilet (I think it started with how long they were going to play their new game) I decided to change ... Read More »

Surprise Weekend Trip

Last week we decided to surprise the kids for New Years and take them on a weekend trip.  At lunchtime on Friday I told them all to pack a bag and get in the van, Dad was taking us somewhere for a surprise!  With a big family you’re always going to get a mixed response to any event, the “Tiggers” ... Read More »